We have built-in tracking that collects data on the number of times your StickyFolios ans StickyAlbums are viewed. The basic data is located in the Dashboard. 

Two types of Views columns are tabulated:

Unique Views: These are the unique devices on which your StickyFolio or StickyAlbum has been viewed. Unique devices include computers and mobile devices. Unique views also include different browsers on which a StickyFolio may have been viewed on a single device.

Views: This column represents the total number of times your StickyFolio or StickyAlbum has been viewed across all unique devices and browsers.


Use this tool if you would like to see detailed Views data. If your viewers' ISP (Interent Service Provider) sends location data from a View, it will be displayed in this section. Statistics include information about viewers' operating systems, location maps, and bar charts detailing views. Maps and bar charts only include Views from the past 30 days.

To view Statistics, click the Edit Button next to the StickyAlbum/StickyFolio you want to check.

Then select Statistics from the drop-down menu.  You can read more about Statistics here: Statistics