After you update your URL to point to the StickyFolios IP address, you will need to add it to your StickyFolios account. Once added to your account, you can select the Custom Domain when building your StickyFolios sites.

This is the second step in the process of setting up your Custom Domain. Before you do this, you must first point your domain to our servers.

How do I set up My Domain 

Step 2- Add your domain to your StickyFolios account:

First, be sure you have updated your DNS (domain name server) settings to point the URL you are using to StickyFolios. If you have not done this yet, start here: Setting up your Custom Domain

Then add the URL you created to your StickyFolios Account. Select Account and Domains from the drop down menu.  This brings up the custom domain section.  To add your URL select the second domain area and click add new domain.


To add your custom URL, select the blue New Button in the Custom Domain Section. This will open the section where you can add your custom domain.


1 - Click the box to add your domain. You do not need to add http://

2 - Click the green Go Button.

Your domain will display an hour glass icon for 72 hours, after which our server checks with your domain service provider to make sure it is set up correctly. However, your domain may start working as soon as you set it up or up to the full 72 hour time period. You may test the domain as described in Step 3 any time after adding it to your account.

Once you see a green checkmark, the domain has been confirmed by our servers and you can begin using it.
An orange triangle next to your domain name indicates there is an issue with the domain setup. Domain updates can take up to 48 hours to go through name servers. If it has been longer than this, check with your domain provider.


Note: Until the domain servers have updated you will not be able to use this domain when creating your sites.  In some cases, domain changes can take between 36-48 hours.

 Step 3 - Adding a Custom Domain to your StickyFolios Site: Adding to a url to a Folio