The button feature can bes used to create a call to action in your StickyFolio.

All templates have at least one multi-function Button that can be customized to fit your marketing goals.

Buttons can be customized to do one of the following functions: Connect to a StickyEmail Sequence, General Link (URL, Email, Call), Embed a form, or Add a Date to a Calendar.

To access a Button's Edit Panel, click the Button in the builder.  Note - buttons do not function in preview (build) mode. You will need to pubilsh your Folio and test the button on a live site.  Read here on how to test your buttons.  

Once the Edit Panel is open, the button will default to a function, this can vary based upon the template used.  The most common default is General Link.

To use a differnet call to action, click Select a Diifferent Call to Action.

Here are the options for each button type:

Button functions include:

1. StickyEmail -  This section allows you to connect your simple embed code from an email sequence.

Click here to learn about how to add your Simple Sign Up form to your button.

2. General Link - This section creates a basic link function. You can link to a  website, email, or call functions.  

Click here to learn how to change and use General Links

3. Embed Form - This section allows you to embed forms from supported vendors. 

Click here to learn how to use the Embed form 

4. Calendar - Saves a date/event to the visitor's calendar. Best used for weddings and events.