First, before you think about increasing referrals, you should first focus on increasing sharing.  If your album is only shared once, you can only get one referral from that share at most.  However, if your albums is shared 20 times, you could get 20 referrals!  To learn more about how to maximize sharing, check out our article on how to increase sharing at this link: How to increase sharing

Now, assuming your albums are already being shared, you should think about ways to maximize referrals.  Getting your albums seen by others is a great start but there are specific strategies and tactics you can take to ensure that friends, family, and others who are being exposed to your work through StickyAlbums take the time to pick up the phone and book a session with you.

Here are some ideas for increasing referrals through StickyAlbums:

Setting up your Contact Buttons:

  • Ensure that all of your Contact information is filled out completely.  The more options you provide in terms of email, phone, and social media, the easier it will be for potential clients to contact you

Use referral coupons:

  • Include a referral coupon as an image in your gallery for your clients to share with their friends and family. One option might be to give your referring client and the new client will receive a bonus/offer.

  • Coupons could offer a free print, a session discount, or a gift certificate to a local salon, shop or restaurant.

  • Check out a template you can use to design your coupon:


$50 off your session fee
(layered .psd file)

free canvas
(layered .psd file)

Set up Lead Capture in your albums:

  • Make a Promotion in your StickyAlbums - create an offer for friends and family of your clients - such as a free mini-session, a discount off their session, or a free print - in exchange for them signing up for your email newsletter (use a button to link tou your online email list). Another reason for your clients to share their album!

  • Follow up with people who sign up with their email with special offers or other incentives to encourage them to book a session with you.  It is often best to provide free content or other value to new email subscribers first, before lasking them to book a session with you.

Getting creative with albums to encourage more sharing and referrals:

  • Create StickyAlbums for one of your favorite vendor partners, such as a florist or children’s boutique.  Use their logo and contact information, along with your logo, and give it to them to load on their phones. They will be excited to share their new app, along with your name, to their new and prospective clients.

  • Create a multi-vendor coupon app, where you offer coupons for several different vendors you partner with - for example a wedding photographer might include coupons for a florist, bridal boutique, venue, and DJ. Checkout template in our Resource Guide 

  • Create StickyAlbums for your senior spokesmodels and reward them for the number of friends they bring in from sharing their StickyAlbums.

Take some time to watch the following videos - they are full of great ideas about how to increase shares and word-of-mouth referrals.

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