Facebook ads and other online ads can be a profitable way to advertise your photography business.  

You can create a custom landing page using the StickyFolios Landing Page Template to showcase your images and your photography business in tandem with a Facebook ad to generate new leads.


  • The Landing Page Template works well for this tactic.
  • Create a compelling campaign, like a contest, to give away a free engagement session.
  • Make sure to target your Facebook campaign carefully.
  • Collecting leads (email and/or phone #) should be your goal.
  • Exclude showing ads to mobile devices - people on the go are not as likely to take the time to take action on your ads.
  • We don't recommend sending ad traffic to your existing website because visitors will get lost.  
  • Have a concise, clear "call-to-action." That is, choose a single action that you want site visitors to take.  For example, Sign up for  a Free Consultation or Enter Giveaway are both examples of a call to action.

Note:  You may have heard people complain that Facebook ads don't work anymore.  That's not actually true.  Facebook ads are cheaper the better your ad is.  This is measured by how favorably people respond to your ads. So as long as you design good ads with good images, this tactic can work.  

If you are new to Facebook advertising, check these resources out:

Finally, here's a video of Nate talking about how you can uses this technique with StickyFolios Landing Page Template: New ways to boost word-of-mouth referrals and automate booking more clients - for current Albums customers