The Homescreen Details section in lets you customize the icon and name that appear when any Folio is saved to the homescreen of a mobile device.

The option to Save to homescreen is not turned on by default - you will need to enable this feature.

Homescreen Icon:

This is the icon that saves to the homescreen of a mobile device.

You can use one of the images from your StickyFolios gallery or you can load a new image to use for the Homescreen Icon.  Homescreen icon images loaded to the system need to be square images. at least 300 pixels X 300 pixels wide but not larger than 1000 x100 pixels.

Application Name:

This is the name that appears under the homescreen icon when saved to a mobile device. Note, some devices will shorten longer names. Most will display at least 10 characters, after which the display name may be shortened.

Example Application Names:

The Smiths (Family)

Baby S (Newborn)

J & D (Wedding or Engagement)

Add to Home Screen Pop Up Message:

When turned on (Green) this will prompt viewers of your StickyFolio  to save the Folio to their device's home screen.  Note: this displays only the first time a Folio is viewed.  If the prompt to add to your device homescreen does not appear, the Folio can still be saved to the homescreen, Saving a Folio to your Homescreen - Directions

StickyAlbums Only - Offline Caching:

This is a feature found only in the StickyAlbums Template. When combined with the add to home screen prompt, it will allow the Folio to save to the mobile device and be viewed when the user is offline. 

Turn the toggle to on (green) for your Folio to save for offline use.

Note: you can only use this feature with Albums that have fewer than 50 images total in the Album. This is due to data limits by mobile devices for how much data can be stored for offline use.