The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Section of the StickyFolios builder is where you can add SEO-improving features to StickyFolios sites.


The SEO Section has two areas:

1. Fields to update key SEO features of your StickyFolios site.  

2. The SEO Report, which is designed to let you know which key SEO items are working and which features you could add to your Folio.  If an SEO Report feature is green, that feature is set up. If an SEO Report feature is red, that feature needs to be addressed to improve the SEO of your StickyFolios site.


Title - This is your StickyFolios site title tag and is used by search engines for SEO.

Description - This is the business description that appears in Google's and other search engines' search results. The Descripton should let potential customers know what your business does so that they want to click through to your website.

Google Analytics ID - This is your Google Analytics ID.   You can read about how to set this up here: Google Analytics ID. This not a feature in all plans.

Facebook Tracking Pixel ID - This is your Facebook Tracking pIxel.   You can read how to set up your Facebook Pixel here: Facebook Tracking Pixel


1. All Images Have Alt Text - Alternate text, also referred to as "alt text,"  is text that displays on web browsers that don't support images.  Importantly, when a search engine like Google looks at your website, it uses the alt text to understand what your images are.  Using descriptive alt text therefore can help with SEO. 

2. Folio Description Found - The Site Description is used together with the Title of your website in search results.  When someone does a search, the site description helps them understand what the website is about so they know if they should enter the site.  You can set this above, under Site Description.

3. Google Analytics Code Found/Missing - If this message appears, we recommend that you add your Google Analytics ID to your StickyFolios Site. Adding this can sometimes speed up the time it takes Google and other search engines to index and list your website.  See Adding the Google Analytics Code for more details.  Note, this option is not included in Starter accounts and only shows up in Pro accounts.

4. Consider Using a Custom Domain - To improve your SEO, we recommend that you use a Custom Domain rather than the StickyFoilos default domain. Using a custom domain can help with your over all SEO.  Using a Custom Domain

5. Robots.txt Found -  Robots.txt is a file used to help search engines crawl and index your site.  There is nothing you need to do here, as StickyFolios creates and hosts this file for you. 

6. Sitemap Found - All sites have an XML site map for better search indexing.  A sitemap is a file that lists the pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the site's content and organization. There is nothing you need to do here, as StickyFolios creates and hosts this file for you. 

7. Google Mobile-Friendly Test - This test lets you know whether your StickyFolios Site passed the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.