All images should be prepared as JPG files. 

Image size will vary based upon the type of image. All images will need to have a file size of less then 5MB.  Image size will vary by the type of image and the template.

1. StickyFolios and StickyAlbums are intended to help you market your business.  Include only your best images.

2. The more images you include, the slower your published page will load--especially for users on slow connections.

3. Size your images and logos as outlined below.

The following images should be sized between 1000-3000 pixels on the longest edge:

  • Section header images
  • Gallery images
  • Single images

Recommended Logo Sizes - Note creating your logo to a larger pixel size will not make logo larger.

  • Homescreen Icon (Square sized): 400 pixels on all sides
  • Square Logos (logo at the top of Folios): 400 pixels on all sides
  • Round Logos (logo in the promo section):  400 pixels on all sides (displays as round)
  • Rectangular Shaped Logos (bottom of Folios): 100 pixels tall 

Click here to learn more about preparing your images for upload.