You can link a Button to any online resource, including your Booking Page.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to link to your Booking Page using the Button feature.

To use the Link function to connect a Booking Page, copy your Booking Page URL.  Finding the link to your Booking Page.

Next, in the builder, select the Button you want to connect. To open the Button Edit Function, click the Button. Next, select Link in the option list.

Then add Button details in the Edit Panel.

Enter the Button Label  -  The text entered here appears on the Button in the StickyFolio. This should be a call to action.

Link URL - this is where you would paste the URL to your Booking Page.

Open Links in a New Tab check box - When checked, the Link/URL will open in a new browser tab. (Finding the link to your Booking Page)

When finished, click the check mark in the upper right corner.