Subdomains are used to create additional sections to your website.  They precede your main URL with a word followed by a period.  This allows you to point your domain to our server without impacting your main website. 

Note: If you have a PhotoBiz website you won't create your own subdomain. You need to request that PhotoBiz make the updates for you.


The process to connect your custom subdomain has three parts:

Step 1 - Create a Record with your DNS provider

If you don't know where you purchased your domain, you can do a search through Who Is or contact your current web host.

Next, add a new DNS record with the following details: Note these are what the fields are typically called, however, each provider may use different terms.

  • Host -  The subdomain name of your choosing, such as weddings, babies, portfolio, etc.
  • Record Type - A 
  • Points to52.41.106.131

Note: Each host has a different method for setting up A Record subdomains. Directions for Specific Providers

Once you have updated your domain with your DNS provider, go to the next two steps which are done in the StickyFolios/StickyAlbums builder.

Step 2- Update your Domain in the StickyFolios Builder Adding your Subdomain to your StickyFolios Account (step by step).

Step 3 - Add the URL to your Folio Site: Adding your custom subdomain to a Folio (step by step and how to use Paths)