If you are using your main url or a domain that you previously pointed elsewhere, you will want to EDIT the A record.  

Examples of a main url:

myphotography.com  or sallysweddings.com

If you do not want to point your entire domain to StickyFolios then you would want to create a new sub-domain (weddings.myphotography.com) - Creating A Subdomain A Record

Step 1 - Edit the A Record: (see below for specific providers)

  • Log in to your Domain Services Provider
  • Select Edit your DNS Settings
  • Change the A Record to point to our IP
  • The IP to use is:

Step 2- Update your Domain in the StickyFolios Builder:

  • Log in to your Account
  • Click Domains
  • Select the blue box titled NEW in the StickyFolios Domain Section.
1 - Click on the box to add your domain. You do not need to add http://
2 - To add the site click the blue GO button

Note: the builder will check to make sure the domain is set up.

If you see a green checkmark, the domain has been updated and you can begin using it.
An orange triangle indicates there is an issue. Domain updates can take up to 48 hours to go through name servers. If it has been longer than this, check with your domain provider.

Note: Each host has different requirements for the domain setup.  We have a list of the most common providers below.

If you have questions, please ask your DNS provider how to edit the A record for your domain.  If creating a subdomain, ask how to create an A record subdomain.

Step 2: Update your Domain in the StickyFolios Builder

Step 3: Add the Domain to your Folio you can read more about customizing your domain with Paths  

Directions for specific web hosts:

Note: some directions will show IP addresses as part of their sample. DO NOT USE those IP addresses.

If you are not sure how to update your domain,  email your domain provider and ask them how to edit the A Record and point it to our domain.

Hover Instructions: 


GoDaddy Instructions: 


Bluehost Instructions:  


Note for Bluehost: you cannot change these records if you are not hosting with them.

1:1 Instructions:


Dreamhost Instructions:


PhotoBiz Websites:

If you host your DNS with PhotoBiz, just give them a call or send in a ticket and let their support team know what the address needs to be (for example, app.yourwebsite.com) and where it needs to be pointed ( )