If you would like users to email you with the click of a Button, you can set any Button to automatically open an email program with your self-populated email address.

Note: if your web browser is not configured to open email links with your email program this feature may not work.

To create an Email Button

  • Click the Button in the builder to open the Edit Panel.
  • Once the panel is open, if you are not already defaulted to a General Link option. (see the screen below) Click: Select Different Call to Action
  • Select General Link to bring up the link option screen.

Once you see the above select the type of link you are creating to link to online resouresce select Email Address

1. Enter a Label for your Button. This is the text that displays on the Button.

2. Enter the email you would like user to send a request to.

3. To save your information and close the panel, click the green save and close button