Here are some sample Sharing Messages for you to use as is or to customize as your own. The Sharing Message can be seen when your clients share their Client Folio.  For example, when someone shares a Client Folio to Facebook, the Sharing Message becomes the subtitle for the post. Personalizing the Sharing Message helps viewers understand the Client Folio's content.

Sharing Subject ideas:

Any Client Folio:

Check out our photos!
Check out Breanna's personal photo app!
Check out my photos by Jane Smith Photography!
Here are some photos of our sweet Nadine!
Christina wants to share her photos from Jane Smith Photography with you!
Images from our session with Jane Smith Photography!
Kristy wants to share her photos with you!
Load this app to see our images from our photo shoot!
Look at our beautiful portraits by Jane Smith Photography!
My photographer made me an app!
Our family photos by Jane Smith Photography
Some of our recent photos from photographer Jane Smith
An easy way to enjoy and share Tommy's photos!
Check out how Ella has grown!

Newborn Albums

Presenting our new baby Sophie - photos by Jane Smith Photography
A few favorite images from Elizabeth's newborn session
Check out Jasper's newborn portraits!
Our newborn session favorites...

Wedding Albums

Our wedding day
Check out a sneak preview of our wedding photos!
View my incredible wedding photos!

Senior Albums 

Adelaide's Senior Photos
Alex's Senior Portraits by Jane Smith Photography
Ask me how to get AWESOME Senior photos!
Check out Leah’s awesome senior pictures!
Download Nicole’s prom photos straight to your phone!
Here's a sneak peek of my senior session at Jane Smith Photography!
Take a look at Shannon's senior portraits!