The settings section is where you can update features and elements that impact your Folio.  To learn what each section does click on the links below.

1. Hide Show Elements - This allows you to hide and show elements within your Folio,

2. Design Options - Customize Typeface (Font) and Button Colors

3. Homescreen Details - Add App Name and turn on optional prompt to add to homescreen or caching (StickyAbums only)

4. Folio URL - Customze your Folio doamin in this section

5. Social  - This area allows you to set the image and text when the Folio is shared on Social Media.

6. Privacy - In this section you can add a passcode or hide your Folio from search engines.

7. SEO  - Add Tracking codes, Site Title/Description along with make sure you are optiomizing SEO for your Folios.