When someone visits your website, you've got 15 seconds to grab their attention.  If they are looking for senior photography and the first thing they see in your gallery are newborn images, they may leave your site.

Even if you have a section on your site for different types of photography, potential customers may not stick around long enough to see them.  Or they may get lost in your site's menu options.

When possible, it is helpful to keep things simple and streamlined for your online visitors.

One solution is to create separate StickyFolios Portfolio sites for each of your photography niches.  That way, when you know someone is going to be interested in a certain type of photography--such as seniors, you can send them to a StickyFolios Portfolio site that includes just those types of images.

This can work especially well with your niche-specific marketing techniques. For instance, if you are partnering with a seniors boutique, have them share a link to your seniors StickyFolios Portfolio.  If you are advertising in a local school newsletter for families, then include a link to your family Portfolio.


  • Create separate StickyFolios for each of your photography niches (e.g. family, newborn, senior, boudoir, wedding, etc).
  • Stick to your best 10-20 images per StickyFolio.
  • From within your StickyFolios, link to your website or just provide your contact information so people can get in touch with you directly.
  • You can set up Custom Domains so that each of your StickyFolios Portfolio sites link back to your main domain.  For example: www.johndoephotography.com/newborn, www.newborn.johndoephotography.com, etc.

StickyFolios Portfolio templates don't need to replace your website, but they can be a great tool to add to your marketing toolkit.